Issues and Opportunities Report

The Issues and Opportunities Report identifies significant issues and opportunities facing the County that can be addressed by the General Plan Update.  The report summarizes issues associated with land use, agricultural resources, transportation, public services and infrastructure, natural resources, safety, tourism and recreation, and economic development. Key policy questions are presented for each issue and opportunity in order to provide some context for the guidance that will be requested from the Board of Supervisors.  Three land use map alternatives included in the report for consideration by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.  The Issues and Opportunities Report discusses the relative merits and disadvantages of each of the land use map alternatives.

It is anticipated that the preferred land use map, once selected by the Board of Supervisors, will contain components of one or more of the land use map alternatives, as well as changes recommended by the Planning Commission and requested by the Board of Supervisors.

Issues and Opportunities Report (no figures)

Figure 3-1: Alternative 1 Land Use Map - Economic Development

Figure 3-2: Alterantive 2 Land Use Map - Balanced Growth

Figure 3-3: Alternative 3 Land Use Map - High Growth/Public Input

Figures 3-4 through 3-14

The 1989 General Plan Land Use Map is provided for reference.