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Mailing List
The Planning Department will maintain a list of persons and organizations interested in staying abreast of the status of the General Plan update.  If you would like to be added to this mailing list, please contact Tana Louden, Colusa County Planning Department at (530) 458-0480 or or 220 12th Street, Colusa Ca 95932.
During the General Plan update, a series of newsletters will be prepared to provide an overview of the progress being made and the direction being pursued.

Newsletter #1 - August 2009

Newsletter #2 - June 2010

Newsletter #3 - December 2011

General Plan Steering Committee
The Board of Supervisors is appointg a steering committee to help in the development of the General Plan.  This steering committee is designed to work with County staff and the General Plan consulting team on refining the new General Plan.  While not a decision making body, the steering committee’s input is vital to preparing a plan that will work for the County. These meetings are open to the public and dates for each will be posted on the website.

Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission Meetings
Throughout the General Plan Update process, the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission will consider various issues associated with the update.  Upcoming Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings will be identified under "Meetings and Workshops" on this website.  Please take the opportunity to attend a meeting and participate in the General Plan Update.

Visioning Workshops
A series of five (5) Visioning Workshops were held at various locations throughout the County.  Workshop dates and times are posted here.  The purpose of these workshops is to:

•    Communicate the intent of the General Plan update
•    Invite public input
•    Develop a Vision Statement that guides the General Plan process
•    Identify community goals and priorities
•    Identify preferred land uses

Each Visioning Workshop will focus on the County-wide General Plan update.  The topics discussed at each workshop will not focus solely on the issues pertinent to the community where each workshop is held.  All members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend one or more of the Visioning Workshops.